Sunset haiku

A liquid plane gels

Oscillating grey rose gold

The tranquilized sea. 


The Colorful Stream

Think back in your minds eye to the many conventions you have been to. Do you remember your first? The peaceful, colorful stream of smiling faces. Was there music playing? Was the morning sun shining?
I think back to the Pontiac Silver Dome.
The walk through the cars. Arriving at the slope leading into the Dome. The music playing, the steady stream of friends leading into the peaceful paradise of the day. A child’s hand in mine, joy in our hearts. What awaits us today.
I have other beautiful memories. Santiago,Chile, the overwhelming greeting, the dense crowds that waved and streached hands over others heads to reach us. It was an overpowering feeling, this love of those they hadn’t even met. Young and old loving us with their eyes.

Then there is Athens, Greece. The white arches of the stadium reaching high overhead. My close family walking ahead of me. Their silhouettes against the vast crowd of color. The silence in our hearts as we absorb the feeling. The joy, the incomprehension that we are really here. Walking in the path of faithful ones who loved centuries ago.
Then here I am today, walking in yet another place of beautiful people. Colorful smiling faces. I simply can not remember each stream I have been in. Some stand out I my mind, others fade, yet none are are forgotten in my heart. They reside there. Building a fortress of joy which only gets stronger each year. What will the future build in my fortress? I can only imagine grander streams, more amazing than any I have ever been in. I wait with anxious anticipation of those colorful steams.


imageRecently we achieved a goal that was for the most part a dream, for decades it appeared to be a dream. In the back of our minds, we didn’t think it was achievable. Yet it became a now or never, let’s do this opportunity. In many respects it was fast. The dream was to move to the sunshine and warmth. Leave the snow behind.

We knew the area well, knew people who had blazed the trail before us. We were comfortable with it. Yet, when reality happens, we may not be prepared. This is how I have felt. Lost at sea, adrift, floating along with no rope tied to an anchor. It seems this can happen to anyone. Yet the new experience was unsettling.

Pushing ahead, blazing my own trail through the obstacles as if tall grass, I have found I lost my way. Lost the direction of my path. One that was well marked in days past. It might have appeared the path was plainly marked, yet the wind blew the grasses about obscuring the way home. Where was home?

Then a perceptive friend suggested the beach, that is our home. Now I find time often to go to the sea, put my feet in the warm sand and gaze out at the vast waters. This brings me peace again. The gentle breezes blow the high grasses of my mind away from the path, I can find my way home.

Each time the sea has changed. Once still as glass.
Another, a swift current running in one direction. The next the water flows differently.


Yet it is home. A home that will last forever. That reminds us that peace can flow endlessly as the waves on the shore.




Many times in life we see “only the surface”. Mere information that our eyes quickly perceive.  She is blond, there is the flower garden, the sky is blue today.Yet, what of the sky behind us, the storm clouds lurking. If we pause to listen, we hear the warning clap of thunder. 

How many times have we sat in the sand? Observed the blue sky, the pelican as he dives for dinner the gulls calling. Gazing at the gentle waves, the soft, warm breeze brushing back our hair. Yet we see “only the surface”. Now and then a jumping fish. Is he avoiding being dinner? What lies under the plane? How many creatures, great and small.

Do you feel still at the sea? Calmed by the endless surf? Feet at one with the earth. Wind wiping away anxiety, stress. We are quiet. We are healed. We are deceived. 

Can we carry this into the rest of our lives? The calm above the deceptive plane of activity.  We need not be a part of all activity, or even a portion. Carry the calm. Carry the calm with you. 

See you at the beach. 



imageThis has been a beautiful spring day. Temperatures unseasonably nice. It has been a yellow day. When I went to the car this morning, I found my guests had returned. I had invited them a while ago, they hadn’t said they would return, so I was quite surprised. while I didn’t have enough time to do more then greet them, I was happy to chat with them later in the day.

I was very happy to see them. They brought yellow to my day an as it happened, it stayed that way.